Monthly Marketing

Monthly Marketing Services

Making your website look appealing to the eyes of your potential customers is not the only thing that goes into building the perfect website for your business. Now the marketing Begins.

If you are like most business owners you are way too busy handling the day-to-day operations of your business and do not have time to go onto Canva to create informative posts, or ads for your Yelp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google Business Profile with custom images and catchy sales pitches. Then to top it off you must make sure each image is sized properly per each different social media account that you have, then you must go to each site and publish the post to each of the accounts! On top of all of that you must interact with each potential client that has commented on that post or inquire about your services. This can be a major drag for any business owner, as well as add unnecessary stress to your day! That is where we come in. We are more than glad to take on this daunting task and free up more of your time to do what it is you do best, run your business.

Monthly Marketing Creates Relevance

Monthly marketing of your company’s products and services is a great way to stay in front of your future potential clients and prospects. Not only that, but it is a must to create relevance for your website! The more of these social media accounts that you have, along with post and likes of those posts creates more relevance for all major search engines algorithms. Making your website show up organically in more end users search results. This is the first step into building user trust not only with future prospects and consumers, but all the major search engine algorithms as well. Once you decide on a digital marketing company to do your monthly marketing for constant outreach, one piece of advice we give any business owner is to double check the engagement that is being created on the posts. It is important that the company that you select to do your monthly marketing is getting new prospects and clients to engage in the posts that they are creating about your business and you’re not just getting likes from the other accounts that they manage. If that is the only engagement that is being created with their posts. That means they are not doing their job properly and you are not going to gain any traction or new clients from the services that they are providing to you. You are basically throwing your money out the window at that point! No matter who you chose to do your marketing.

Pros Of Monthly Marketing Services

Marketing Is a Communication Channel Used to Inform your customers about the products or services that you offer as a business. In the very stiff competition that we see in the market today you need to be constantly getting your message out over your competitor’s message to convince the customers or prospects that your products or services are going to be the one they need! It is also a great way to inform your customers of discounts and other competitive tricks you intend to use to obtain their business.

Monthly Marketing assists in boosting Sales of your products and services through the many ways it allows you to promote your business online. When you advertise a product or service it puts it on the radar of potential buyers looking for what your business has to offer increasing the chances of you selling that product or service.

Monthly Marketing Services help in providing insights about your business to the vast world of end users that utilize the internet to search for products and services online. However, you must make sure that you are utilizing the right content to entice the end user to inquire about your services or purchase your products. A good marketer will understand the importance for targeting the proper audience.

Monthly Marketing generates a lot more options for bringing in revenue. Having numerous options will give you the encouragement you need to branch out into new markets and expand your business into different geographical locations. You will also then gain the option to start letting go of certain customers who are too demanding, not wanting to pay your prices, or looking for something for free. Giving you back peace of mind and your sanity. Without doing any kind of marketing, you will be stuck working with clients who you have outgrown and are paying you peanuts compared to clients that you can gain through marketing and are willing to pay you what you’re worth!

Monthly Marketing Services Discovery Call

Just like we do when we build you a website, we first must understand the needs of your business! We need to know all products or services that you are selling that bring in the revenue that you are looking for (target jobs or products), the target market you are going after IE: age group and geographical location, as well as all the competition that you are facing in your area.

We do this to make sure we gather all the proper information we need to make sure that the campaigns we create IE: branding (logo / company’s identity), brochures we design, ads we run (Yelp, Google, or Facebook), keywords we use, informative posts about your business on social media and any other form of constant outreach that are catered to your ideal client! That way we are bringing in more of the business, or clients that you are looking for.

This call is also an interview for both you the customer and us the marketing agency. Why is this important? For many reasons, we here at B.O.S.S Agency digital Marketing treat every customer as if they are a part of our family and see this as a partnership in making your business succeed to new heights of success! We only want to work with business owners who feel the same, because if you are successful, we are successful! It is better to work with people who share the same passion, drive, and motivation for success.

What’s The Cost?

This is where most business owners get confused about Monthly Marketing Plans. They think it is an added expense to their ever so long laundry list of other bills that they must pay to run their business. That is where they are wrong and need to change the way they think about marketing.
Monthly Marketing Plans are not an added expense if they are bringing in business like they are supposed to, in that case the Monthly Marketing expense would be providing an ROI (Return On Your Investment). Not only is it making the money back that you spent for that month but is as well providing a profit on top of that monthly expense. Like the saying goes, you must spend money to make money! In just one job in most cases the Monthly Marketing pays for itself. Then anything it brings in over that one job is at a profit. Also, not to mention it keeps your company’s message out there constantly in front of the people who are searching the internet looking for your services or products.

What Is Included In Our Monthly Marketing Plan?

Our monthly marketing plans are priced to cover all the added expense and on-going task it will take to make your company’s message shine above the rest! Inquire today for pricing for your company’s, or brands digital marketing journey!

What is included with our premium monthly marketing plan?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO of the home page of your company’s website: This helps your website show up more organically in the top spots when people search any of the major search engines for your products and services. You can SEO other pages of your website for an additional fee. (Please Inquire for additional pages)

Monthly Email Newsletter

This newsletter goes out once a month to all your loyal customers. Keeping them UpToDate on the business and or specials that you are running for your products or services you offer

Monthly Blog Article

This article provides fresh content to your website once a month and helps with the SEO of the website. This as well as keeps the customers up to date on your business and the industry that you are in.

Social Media Content

We will create custom posts, with professional designed photos, hash tags and content geared towards your industry or consumers.

Upload and Optimization Of New Photos Or Videos To Your Website

Just shoot the photos or videos over to us and we will handle the rest. This helps with SEO of the website as well as engage consumers with your products or services you provide.

On Going Copywriting Services

Custom content for posts, blogs, and email newsletters. This content is also checked for plagiarism.

Custom Graphic Design

Custom images for posts, email newsletter, blogs, or specials for ads the company is running.

Custom Photography

To make any special projects or products stand out with custom photography. High quality images are proven to draw in more consumers and help them convert into customers. We also Offer custom Videography for an additional fee. IE: Short 30 second commercials, done video services and custom video editing. Please inquire for additional services.

Website Hosting & Security Certificate Included

When you pay for Monthly marketing services your website hosting and security certificate monthly cost are added into the package. You also get ongoing support from us on any issues or problems with the website.

Monthly Call

We schedule a call once a month to go over any changes in the business as well as go over any ads or marketing promotions that need to be run for the month.

Platforms & Social Media Accounts We Support

Here at B.O.S.S Agency Digital Marketing our team specializes in the development of WordPress platform websites. Not only is WordPress Platform the most utilized platform by any industry in the world! But is also the most scalable platform for any businesses that are looking to scale and update their website as they do. We here at B.O.S.S Agency Digital Marketing are no strangers when it comes to advanced development techniques such as JavaScript, C++, PHP, jQuery, Ajax development, custom code, payment API integration, E-commerce store development and shopping cart integration.

The social media accounts that we specialize in are:
Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business Profile, and Yelp. B.O.S.S Agency Digital Marketing is a proud Yelp partner. You get added perks to your Yelp account when you utilize us as your Yelp Partner contact. Please inquire about additional social media platforms that are not listed.

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