If your phone isn’t ringing in sales for your products or services, in effect, your business is lost in the digital fog. B.O.S.S. (Beacon Of Self-Sufficiency) Agency Digital Marketing is going to help your business weather the storm and create a beacon of success! Here at B.O.S.S Agency we specialize in helping all kinds of businesses.

Whether you are a

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Never worry about your online presence again!

Here at B.O.S.S. Agency, you will get top-notch service from experts who know how to make your business unique and attractive to your niche market. When hiring a digital marketing company to convey your company’s overall message, it is very important that you pick someone that has a clear understanding of your company’s services and lingo that is utilized to make sure that they are getting your message across to your ideal clients. We all know that a message not relayed properly can get misconstrued and give the customer a bad first impression. That in return can cost you the business owner to lose a client.

Being that one of the main founders of B.O.S.S Agency has had a tenure of 15 years in the field of general contracting for public works, commercial and residential services as a project manager, you can rest assured knowing that we are going to convey the proper message to your clients. That client could be a government project (public works), commercial (tenant improvements), and or residential (private projects). He had also spent some of his career working in real estate as a Sr mortgage loan officer, as well as spent some time in the technology sector working in the wireless industry. So, rest assured that our team has the knowledge to make sure that we are getting your message across clear and precise to your ideal clients.

Combined with that knowledge, we also have a team that has over 10 years of web design/development experience that can create an amazing UI/UX to your website, as well as make the website Mobile & Tablet friendly to help draw in visitors and convert them into customers. Let us be your digital guide by creating or redesigning a website that will bring in more target customers and revenue. Because let’s be honest, with over 250 million web sites on the internet, having just a website is like having a business card floating in a sea of other businesses in the digital world, sort of lost in the fog so to speak. When your small or large business teams up with B.O.S.S. Agency Digital Marketing, we help you turn your website into your own lighthouse creating a beacon of light to lift the digital fog, getting you the customers you need and revenue you deserve from your website. As we like to say here, become your own B.O.S.S. (Beacon Of Self Sufficiency!)


We like to set a meeting either face to face or on a zoom meeting to meet with our new client and dive in deep to see what it is that drives you as a business owner! During this first meeting, we collect valuable data about our client and their business. This information is going to help us know what areas we need to focus on to make sure that we are driving in the ideal clients for your services, as well as let us know if you’re a fit for us to bring you on board as a client.
Why do you interview, you ask, to see if we are a fit? Well, this part goes both ways- not only are we interviewing you to make sure that you are serious about taking your company to new heights of success, but we are also both interviewing each other to make sure that we are a good fit to work with each other. We treat every client like family and want to work for people who will do the same for us. Because the success of your business is our success as well!

Second, after we establish that we are a good fit for each other and have collected all the proper information about your ideal clients, we do in-depth competitor research. During this research we are looking at the design (lay out) and information that is conveyed from your competitors’ websites. That way we make sure that we are out-designing them as well as conveying all the proper information to bring in your ideal clients. Doing this research helps us obtain important keywords; these are search terms that the public is using to search the internet for your services. This research also allows us to see all the backlinks (links from other sites pertaining to your industry pointing back to their site) and citations (i.e.: blue book, yellow pages, Yelp, Instagram & LinkedIn) that are being used by the competitors to give more relevance to their website. We utilize this information as a road map in the design process of your website.

After the research is done, we put together a scope of work based upon the research and what we need to do to outperform your competitors and get your message out over theirs to your future clients. This scope of work will have things like a menu layout for the website, how many pages we are going to need to develop, information conveyed per page, if we are going to need any professional photos/ video (help make the site stand out over stock images), amount of content per page with keywords for SEO, any online optimization that needs to be performed to make sure that you are ranking in the top 5 of Google Map Pack, and as well as any social media accounts that need to be set up to help provide more relevance to the website for ranking purposes / outreach. This scope of work will also contain any additional monthly marketing services that we offer to help you maintain your social media accounts to help you reach more of your future clients, and to take work off your plate to allow you to run your business while we handle your outreach and bring in clients. When you retain us for your monthly marketing services it also gives you exclusive rights to our services in your service area.

Once an agreement has been made on the scope of work, we then decide on a wire frame model that will best suit your business for the website design process. These wire frame models are 100% customizable and all our websites are built on the WordPress Platform. Unless you have a different preference of platform that your company wants to utilize.

The website will take anywhere from 4-5 weeks to design depending on the demand. The client is provided an agency link that we build the site on so they can see the design process and inform us of any changes or ideas that they may have during this process.

Once the site is completed and you are satisfied with our work. We then take the site live and transfer it to the URL of your liking. After everything is transferred to the preferred URL you are going to have to make a few more decisions that will impact if your site is going to be brought up organically in searches through search engines people utilize to look up your services. Not only do you want your Google Business Profile listing to rank in the top 5 of the google map pack, but you also want the website to rank as well in the section that appears right below that of the map pack. That way your Google Business Profile and your homepage of your website’s URL are brought up twice and on the first page when people are searching for your services online. This gives you more chances of getting a lead for your services. This additional monthly service is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a service that needs to be performed every month for it to work. This service is covered for the home page of your website when you pay for our premium monthly marketing plan. You can rank each additional service page as well for an additional fee. For more information and a free evaluation on making your New or Existing website the Beacon Of Self Sufficiency it should be, fill out the form below and one of our guides will reach out as soon as possible!

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