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What Is Branding?

What is branding, and what does it mean when it comes to the marketing of your business? The branding of your business is the visionary process of designing a unique, strong, positive perception of your business, along with its products or services you offer in the customer’s mind. By combining such elements as logo, creativity, mission statement, and a consistent theme for your business throughout all your marketing communications. Such as your website, social media platforms, brochures, informational packets, business cards and any form of advertising that you may do.

What Is a Brand?

A brand refers to a business and is its marketing concept that allows people to identify a certain company, services offered, products or an individual person. Brands are nonphysical, which means you can’t hold or see them. As such, they help shape an individual’s perception of a business, along with the products and services they offer as a business. Brands commonly use identifying markers, logos, labels, or trademarks to help create brand identities within their niche, or marketplace. This helps provide tremendous value to the business or individual, giving the business a competitive edge over their competitors in the same industry or niche as them. That is why it is very important for businesses to seek legal protection for their brands by obtaining a trademark for their brand, so that the identity of your business is not stolen or infringed upon by your competitors.

Types of Brands

The type or style of a brand that is going to be utilized all depends on the business, or entity that will be utilizing it. Listed below are the most common types of brands that are utilized in today’s market

Corporate Brands

Corporate branding is a way for businesses to create an identity as well as market themselves to obtain a competitive edge against their competition in their niche. Larger corporations make a series of important decisions to accomplish such a task when deciding on branding. These decisions include such things as pricing, mission statement, Ideal target market, and core values.

Personal Brands

Branding isn’t just for large corporate companies anymore. Individual People today use a variety of online tools like social media to build their own personas, boosting their personal brands. These online tools allow individuals to do such tasks as, sharing images and videos, regular social media posts and conducting meet-and-greets online. Social media has allowed these individuals to become what is called an influencer.  An influencer is an individual that has created a massive following online through a social media account and these individuals are used by larger companies to endorse their products.

Product Brands

This form of branding, which is also known as merchandise branding, involves marketing and promotion of one product. Before being able to brand a product you must conduct a very thorough market research about the product you are branding and make sure that you choose the proper target market.

Service Brands

Service industry branding, which often requires a great deal of creativity, art, and a good imagination as you can’t actually depict the services in a physical way.

What is ‘Rebranding’ and why it is important

Definition: Rebranding is the process of changing the corporate image of a business. Over time, a brand can become dated. Rebranding is a market strategy of renaming a company or could also be a change in design to an already-established brand or symbol. The main idea behind a rebranding of a company is to create a completely different identity for a brand to stand out from its competitors, in their niche market.

Description: There can be several reasons to cause a company to do a rebranding of their business. One of the most prominent factors for a business to do a rebranding of their company is to reconnect with customers. Sometimes out with the old and in with the new can-do wonders for a business looking to reconnect with its customer base.  Now do not get us wrong, rebranding is good for the business, but at the same time it can be a risky move. There is always that possibility the consumers may not like the new brand that the business has chosen to go with.

There are two forms of rebranding that a business can go with

  • Proactive rebranding:  Proactive rebranding is done typically when a business recognizes that there is an opportunity for growth, reconnect with its users, or to tap into new businesses or customers.
  • Reactive rebranding: Reactive rebranding is done in a situation when the existing brand has been discontinued. One such Possible reason for such an action for a business to do a reactive rebranding could be mergers & acquisitions, legal problems, or bad publicity that can be in the form of such things as fraud. Or a business just may want to beat out the competition, or create their own niche in the industry that they are in.

Logo Design

“Logo Design is the foundation to the branding of any great company. It’s more than a name or color scheme; it’s a connecting piece that tethers the business to the clients. It demands stopping ability and is built with retention in mind. It’s a combination of simple, memorable, and powerful. Most importantly, a logo is about function; is it helping build the business and create conversions in sales? It’s not based on aesthetics alone, but it’s the ‘business tattoo’ that lives on the website, business cards, and business attire. When choosing a design agency for your logo, do not consider just experience and projects completed, but also a company that understands the brand you are building and the culture you are seeking to create.”

So, if you are creating a new business and looking for someone to create an attractive logo, or brand identity to depict the services or products you are looking to sell, or maybe you are an older company that is looking for a face lift to reconnect with your customer base, or create a new niche for the industry that you are in. B.O.S.S. Agency Digital Marketing has the professionals and the knowledge to make sure that your business and its message will stand out from the rest! Lift the digital fog today and contact us to see about making your business the B.O.S.S (Beacon Of Self Sufficiency ) it should be!

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