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“Mobile is the future of everything.” – Forbes

Mobile internet access has by far exceeded using a desktop computer to access the internet by a huge margin in the year 2018, more than 70 % of all website traffic originated from cellular phones and tablet devices being used to search the internet, that is up from 57 % in previous years. Just a few years ago there was an estimated jump of 80 % of that use in just 2019 alone!

According to the state of mobile 2019 report, international app downloads reached an astonishing 194 billion in 2018, showing consumers spending a whopping $101 billion on app stores alone! Businesses leveraging mobile app capabilities enjoyed a whopping 360 % higher IPO valuation! With these kinds of stats, it screams one thing! It is definitely time for your business to join the mobile app development train! It’s most likely, your competitors are already doing it!

On the other side of that research, there is an estimate that fewer than 0.01% of apps that were created were considered a financial success in the year 2018. The average investment it takes to design, build, and launch an app, on average is $260,000.00 it’s no small project by any means! We must make sure we give the bad news along with the good news!

With that being said, mobile is indeed the future of how everyone is going to access the internet, whether it’s for business and Health care, or gaming and all other good things in between. Overall usage numbers agree with the statement that Forbes made stating that Mobile is definitely going to be the future of everything!

Not only that, but adults are also now spending an average of 4 plus hours each day on their mobile devices browsing the internet, and only 2 1/2 hours on a desktop computer searching the internet.

Mobile APP Development is the process of writing software that works on any mobile device, mainly smartphones, and tablets. But app development is not only about the coding it takes to create an app. It is also about a well thought out process of defining, designing, creating, and launching a successful mobile app product that will put customers in awe of what we created.

Here at B.O.S.S Agency Digital Marketing we take you through every step of building an amazing mobile app! All the way from idea to market validation, personality to creating beautiful UI/ UX designs, as well as creating a robust development architecture, and finally clean code that is written for app functionality. After that is completed, we create a complete marketing plan to hit the ground running the very day your app is published in the App Store. We take every step necessary to make sure we are putting out a quality product and cover all that we need to do to help make the app succeed in the very competitive market!

So, if you are looking to create a mobile app to give your business the edge over others that do not take advantage of the technologies, we have available to us to make our businesses thrive and grow in today’s competitive market. Please fill out the form below and one of our digital guides will reach out as soon as possible

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