Search Engine Optimization

How SEO Works

As the digital world has progressed, so has SEO. When SEO first began, it was all about getting as many keywords into something as you possibly could. A Sentence would look VERY similar to this:

We do Bay Area SEO. IF you are looking for Bay Area SEO or a Bay Area SEO agency, call us. We are a Bay Area SEO Agency. If you are looking for SEO companies Bay Area or an SEO Glossary, contact our Bay Area Seo Agency today. Not only is that difficult to read, but it is annoying to read. No one wants to read the same words over and over. That’s like being forced to listen to someone telling the SAME long story over and over again. The first couple of times, it was funny, then after time and time again hearing the same thing, the novelty wears off and you are annoyed by it. That is what we in the digital world would consider to be black hat SEO!

Black hat SEO is the process of stuffing as many keywords into a website as possible. The theory behind this was to cover every keyword that could be searched for regarding a specific niche. Some websites would have lists of keywords. Others would go as far as to hide these keywords by making the font color the same as the background color so that it was virtually unseen. Unseen by a customer, that is. These keywords are listed within the source code of the website. While the words may not be visible to us, if we looked at the source code, we would see a ton of other words hidden there. Google has developed a system to track and trace these taboo practices. When websites that are using black hat SEO are discovered, that breaks trust with Google as well as all other major search engines, like Duck Duck Go, Bing and Yahoo! Google as well as these other major search engines all prefer a website with high-quality content over those that do not!

SEO Link Building Variations

SEO is not as simple as throwing some keywords into a site and bam, you’re done. Google and all major search engines love quality content. While they do not employ hundreds of people to sit there and just read websites. They have an algorithm that does just that. This algorithm has crawlers that go over every single page of your website. These crawlers measure things like how long a person stays on your site, what keywords are being used in your content, how many words of content are contained in a service page, how many pictures / videos you have, picture size, image tags, alt tags, and the list goes on! The longer that a person remains on your website, it means to the crawlers that your site has a higher quality of content, pictures and video that intrigue the end user to stay on your website longer. Making the algorithm happy and creates higher trust with the algorithm, over sites that do not have these!

Without adding the proper keywords into your content, Google and other major search engines will not care if you have the most attractive page on the whole Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Keywords are how your potential clients find the products or services that you are offering on the internet. If you provide a roofing or plumbing service, the keywords are going to fit that specific niche. You do not want to use keywords for gymnastics if your niche is roofing. Making sure that we do the proper keyword research for the products or services that you are offering on your website. This is just one of the many tools we use to make sure that we are getting your message heard over your competitors and make your website pulls up first over those who are not adhering to these guidelines. SEO Is a service that needs to be performed monthly. To find out more about how this monthly service works and information on our Premium Monthly Marketing Plans. Fill out the form below and one of our digital guides will be in contact with you as soon as possible! As we like to say here, make your website the B.O.S.S, Beacon Of Self Sufficiency it should be!

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